Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Years Lookbook Collaboration

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas! I spent my precious time with family and friends, playing Santa with my little guy, eating amazing food and making memories with my loved ones! I can't help but think how fast this year has gone! New Years is quickly approaching, so I decided to throw a little collaboration together with a few other amazing bloggers!

Nikki Davis (@nikkidavisxox) is an adorable fashion and lifestyle blogger that I came across a few weeks ago and she caught my eye! I sent her an email and pitched her on a collaboration and she was so sweet and gracious! 

Martha Kay (@northleftcoast) is just about the cutest prep you'll ever meet! Nikki actually told me about her and ever since I saw her instagram feed I was hooked! She has such a unique style and I thought she'd be perfect for this little collaboration!

This is such an exciting, new experience and I can't wait what the blogosphere has in store for us! So without further adieu...



For a girls night out, I went with a  cutout crop top with a pair of high waisted flare pants and a pointy toe heel! You couldn't catch me dead in sequins, which is why I appreciate other women's styles so much, I am a color block, solids kind of girl! Which is why I threw in a little bit of skin to add some flare, not to mention a night out usually ends up hot and sweaty from dancing. I threw on my favorite coat right now for those of you who live in the freezing weather (like me). 


A night in, whether it be with your man, your girls or your family is always a good idea, especially on such a party-centric holiday! For this look I paired a shoulder cutout crop top with a black pencil skirt and a lace up heel. This struck me as a more sophisticated look. throw on a coat when you're out and about, grabbing takeout or champagne, and your look is complete.

Like I said before, I like to be flashy at times but sequins and bandage dresses don't fit my personality or lifestyle. 

Goals: This year is going to be a big year for me, I can just feel it. I am starting my classes for my major, I'm going on my fourth year of marriage, and my son is going to be 3! But short term fashion  goals include, working with a few local clothing brands, going to more fashion events and growing my following on my new baby Blacks and Ivory. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Be safe, have fun, and most of all, feel good in your own skin!



This look is definitely more my style, I'm obsessed with the oversized messy look, so that's a lot of what this look entails. I LOVE putting fur together with different pieces, (it's also so cozy)!! This look is perfect for going out & standing out with this form fitting dress and bold white fur vest!!


Ahh, I've totally fallen in love with this dress ever since I've gotten it. Although this outfit isn't super dressy, it's definitely trendy (especially when you're piecing it together with the leather)! The good thing about this look it can be dressed down with the jacket or dressed up by taking it off, your choice!


My last look is pretty similar to my first, but it definitely reflects my style. Both looks have a tighter form with an oversized coat / vest. Also, these short tops and mid skirts have definitely been two of my favorite things to mix & match recently! 


Hey everyone! Happy New Year! I'm so excited to be collaborating with two of my favourite bloggers for this post and to share a couple party-appropriate outfits with you! 


This first look features sequin pants, a white flowy top, a black blazer and white pumps. Like Ella, I have never owned a ton of sequin clothing! And honestly, I rarely wear black. So this look is definitely a step outside my comfort zone. But that was exactly my intention! I wanted to try something a little edgier than what I'm used to. In the end, I really liked it! I can't say the pants were the most comfortable pants I've owned...but I guess that's not the point! They were definitely fun and they felt very NYE appropriate. 


My second outfit is something I would wear for a quieter party - maybe a dinner with friends or cocktails at a lounge? It's definitely a classy and versatile look that can be dressed up or down with accessories. In this case I kept things simple and wore pearl earrings and white heels.

Thanks for reading and have a great New Year's Eve everyone!!

Thank you for taking some time out of your day to read! We had a blast putting this together! Have a fabulous new year! 


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  1. I'm totally in love with the first and second outfit! :)