Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October Favorites

Hi friends! Wow! October is already almost over. I can't believe how fast it flew by!
I've decided to make a post to share all of my favorite things I've used or worn this month,
of course including links to try them out yourself! If there's something you'd like to try,
 simply click on the picture! I hope you Enjoy!

#1 Nip + Fab Cellulite Fix

I have always been skeptical of these cellulite creams that claim to smooth out your skin and take away those unsightly bumps, because every single one I had tried never worked. I picked this product up from Ulta just to try it and to my surprise, IT ACTUALLY WORKED! Shocking, I know. But this has become my best friend. After I shower I apply this to my cellulite areas and wait for it to dry, then I put leggings on to aid the process of removing those yucky dents. I know it sounds silly and it's probably just in my head that the leggings help but, whatever.

#2 The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

My sister bought this for me for my birthday last year and I loved it then. Then Summer came around and I didn't need a self tanner, for obvious reasons. But my summer bronze has officially worn off so it's time to get rid of the pasties again. I refuse to tan in tanning beds so self tanners are the next best thing for me. I apply this afterI get out of the shower from a nice exfoliation and shave. The oil keeps your skin hydrated and soft while bronze shimmer gives you a glowing tan. My skin stays uber soft even days after I apply this stuff.

#3 Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

This palette is full of warm colors perfect for the fall season. I have used this palette almost every day this month (except for the days I was sick), to complement the perfect outfit. I could spend hours recreating youtube tutorials for these beautiful eyeshadows. My favorite shades have been Buzz, Trick, Mugshot, & Blackheart.

#4 Victoria's Secret VSX Angel

This has been my favorite sports bra for over a year now, but since they added the new strappy back detail, I love this bra even more. It's the first thing I put on most mornings. It's comfortable and gives great support.

#5 EOS Blackberry Nectar Lip Balm

Eos lip balms are amazing. I have been allergic to chapsick brand lip balm for a long time and it's taken me forever to find a lip balm that will relieve the pain of chapped lips (because God knows I don't drink enough water). I absolutely need an Eos ball with me where ever I go.

Thank you everyone for reading and I hope you all get the chance to try these amazing products! Have a fabulous day!

XO Ella

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Family Picture Coordination

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a fabulous day!

Every Autumn my family takes family portraits and it's exciting and fun. You just bought new fall clothes that you're ready to showcase to the rest of the world, and then disaster strikes. You have to choose your outfits as a family. Who's with me? You want to wear your new navy blue sweater but your husband wants to wear a black leather jacket. Not a cute combo. It's important not to clash with the rest of your family in your portraits, that usually go on your Christmas cards or get framed and hung on your walls. It's distracting and isn't aesthetically pleasing. Lucky for you I'm here to give you a few tips on how to avoid the chaos of wardrobe assembly. 

Tip #1: Decide on a theme that fits your family's personality and won't be too distracting in photographs. For example, if you are going for more of an edgy theme, make sure you're not wearing graphic tees that take away from the person or family. Graphic tees tend to be distracting so stick to more solid colors, blacks, greys and whites go best with a grungy look. 

Tip #2: Stay away from crazy prints. I wore a plaid flannel but covered it with a blazer to it tone down, so the plaid was only an accent. Wide horizontal stripes make people appear larger than they really are, so it you are set on wearing stripes cinch the waist with a belt or stick to skinnier stripes.  

Tip #3: After you've picked the theme your family would like to go with, pick a color scheme. Blues, Browns, whites and greys are common colors for Autumn family portraits. This goes for props as well. DO NOT clash prop colors with your family's outfits.

I hope I've made it a bit easier coordinating outfits for your entire family. Remember to have fun. The best pictures come from natural, candid moments!

Thanks for reading! Shoot me a comment and tell me how your family pictures went this year!

XO Ella 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Outfit Specs - October 1st

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my first OOTD post! This is such a simple outfit and so comfortable! How can you go wrong with that? It's easy to dress up with some heels and a fancy necklace or wear as an everyday outfit as it is. This is the kind of outfit you go to when you think comfortable yet chic, with the mini turtleneck to the slimming high waisted jeans and who doesn't love a good hat to hide a bad hair day? And the best part, this whole outfit is under $100 and each item is easily parable with with different items!

Shop the look here: